IBOGAINE: a Key to Freedom per se

Ian Goddard (igoddard@erols.com)
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 15:58:40 -0400

Ibogaine is a drug / botanical that Extropians should know about
as it is a powerful agent for positive personal change. Recently shown
in a very positive light on the Discovery Channel program "Innovations,"
it has the remarkable ability to halt drug addictions, in many cases,
in only one single use. This has been demonstrated in research the
world over. Yet this drug addiction curing drug has been generally
repressed by The Establishment -- i.e., the powers that be. But
even generally, Ibogaine seems to end any form of habituated
behavior -- hell, maybe it could even get me to stop
going on about A + not-A. ;^) ...then again. %^)

Below, Aron Kay, famous pie-throwing Yippie, guides us to Internet
resources for more info on Ibogaine. Below that, I talk about
the experience of a friend who took Ibogaine and then I go
into the threat this drug posses to The Establishment, and more...

At 10:26 AM 9/26/96 -0400, Aron Kay wrote:

> Information about Ibogaine's psychoactivity can be obtained from
> Pharmacodynamics and Therapeutic Applications of Iboga and Ibogaine found
> on the Ibogaine web page (http://www.Desk.nl). This article has a section
> that deals with Naranjo's work for the use of Ibogaine in psychotherapy and
> the use of Iboga (Tabernanthe iboga) an ibogaine containing plant used in
> the Bwiti religion of Gabon. Lotsof's work, Ibogaine in the Treatment of
> Chemical Dependence: Clinical Perspectives is also found at this web page.

IAN: This is also one reason why Ibogaine is suppressed: it
causes a "trip." As I understand form having interviewed a
friend who took it, it causes one to "step outside" one's
life and see the whole; see what steps one could have taken;
see how the steps one did take lead to the various conditions
one now faces; how future steps can lead to future outcomes and
how one can have control of one's own destiny. These insights
are reported as major personal breakthroughs leading to positive
change, growth and hope for the future. Along with freedom from
past habituated patterns, Ibogaine opens the door to a "new you."

Ibogaine seems to be -- as many psychedelic drugs are reported
to be -- a "teacher drug." And its potential for abuse is very
low, since, as I understand, its effects become nil with constant
exposure, and also, like other psychedelic agents, it can be very
exhausting. It's important to note that the powerful psychedelic
drug LSD was also shown to brake drug addiction. [1]

The Establishment cannot allow the knowledge that states
of mind outside the control of the State might be beneficial
to the individual. Ibogaine, with its proven ability to lead
to positive change, is a key drug in this respect. It stands
as an example that the psychedelic experience is itself
associated with healing, and they can't let that information
get out. The State alone must control the mind of the people.
Drug control is by definition mind control. Self-control of
drugs is a direct threat to the mind control of the masses.

Ibogaine can be a key not only to freedom from addiction
to drugs, but freedom from addiction to drug laws.

REFERENCE & IMPORTANT FACTS ________________________________

[1] "Nearly a thousand hard-core alcoholics received high-dose
LSD treatment at Weyburn Hospital, and the rate of recovery was
significantly higher than for other forms of therapy -- an
astounding 50%." ACID DREAMS: The CIA, LSD and the Sixties
Rebellion, Grove Weidenfeld, NY, 1985, p.49-50.

"Originally tested on alcoholic in Canada with remarkable results,
high-dose [ LSD ] therapy was subsequently applied to a wide range
diagnostic categories: juvenile delinquency, narcotics addiction,
severe character neurosis,... " Ibid., p. 57. On p. 57-8 we find:

"The CIA was not interested in the therapeutic
application of LSD. The men of ARTICHOKE and
MK-ULTRA [ CIA operations ] defined the drug
as an anxiety-producing agent, and they realized
it would be relatively easy to "brake" a person
exposed to highly stressful stimuli while high
on acid. .... CIA and military interrogators
proceeded to utilize the drug as an instrument
of psychological torture."

Did you know that prior to assassination, Senator Robert Kennedy
stated in opposition to govt halting of LSD therapeutic research:

"I think that we have given too much emphasis and
so much attention to the fact that it [ LSD ] can
be dangerous and that it can hurt an individual
who uses it... that perhaps to some extent we have
lost sight of the fact that it can be very, very
helpful in our society if used properly." p. 93.

Obviously this man had to go, for, indeed it would be helpful but
this must be so only for The Establishment. This requires keeping
it out of the hands of the people. Only those who wish to use it
for torture and mind control should control this powerful agent.

I highly recommend the book ACID DREAMS, by Martin Lee and Bruce
Shlain, quoted above. It's a shocking and comprehensive review of
the significant impact of this drug on both society and secret govt-
CIA operations. It covers virtually all that is known about the CIA's
extensive research into LSD as a tool for torture and mind control.
This book has mega-doses of information every American should know,
such as a super-hallucinogen the govt has at the ready in case
the people attempted to overthrow the govt by force.

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