Re: The Mind's Eye( was JP Barlow, Ph.D, Social Engineering)
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 14:07:15 -0400

>> On the other hand, if I *imagine* a purple
walrus, not a single photon is tracing a path from the sun to the walrus
and into my eyes to be interpreted and registered in my brain. Instead,
I'm taking my memories of walruses and applying my memory of the color
purple to it, to construct a hypothetical model. I'm not 'seeing' a
purple walrus in any sense that makes the purple walrus as much a 'fact'
as things I perceive via the physical process of sight.
Anders: or does anybody know
When one imagines a visual stimuli, does it also register (measurably) as a
change in the visual part of the brain? I know that they can measure light
hitting the retina registering in the back of the brain.... Can one "see" the
process of this kind of imaging ( as is "seeing" a purple walrus" ) in the
brain _ or trace it to retinal movement ( like in REM) or, more importantly
induce or improve the abilities to "see" in one's imagination?

For example if one applies stimuli to the visual parts of the brain would it
help someone "see" the purple walrus who had otherwise no ability to imaging

Have there been any studies about this "internal sight' that may be helpful
to neural/retinal VR? I would think this virtual/ visual part of science -
especially in the application of creating implants would be very important to
someone who want s to be augmented. Or even more to the "Uploaded"....