Re: Virtual Worlds

Hara Ra (
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 22:00:20 -0700

David Musick wrote:
> Considering this, I can't help wondering if this has already happened. Am I
> an upload, living in a virtual world?

In High School English class one day (about 1961) there was a huge
debate about
"is there a God" into which I made the above suggestion. Of course
nobody had a
clue about what I was saying...

> Now, I can see a lot of people on this list recoiling from the idea that we
> are already living in a virtual world because this would open up the
> possiblilty that a lot of the Mystical, New-Age, Religious "bullshit" is
> correct. If we are living in a virtual world, then "miracles" would be very
> possible, like special effects in a movie. It would also open up the
> possibility that we DO have some kind of "spirit" or "soul", in relation to
> the lifetime we are experiencing (that is, that we have the major part of
> ourselves living somewhere else besides this lifetime).

Yup, but the access rules seem a bit funky and very poorly designed.
Where is
that "soul" icon on my display screen??

> But, then again, maybe not, but I'm
> not finding it easy to dismiss the idea that I *MAY* already be living in a
> virtual world. How could I tell the difference?

To misstate some of the philosphers who feel that consciousness is an
non materialistic fact, go ask your zombie...

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