Re: Open Peer review on Internet

Michael Butler (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 10:06:33 PST

Eric said:
(It's pretty obvious that my thinking on this is heavily influenced by the
"web of trust" ideas in the PGP documentation and related texts. But I'd
expect that of most of the other people on this list, even now.)

I say:
Yep. And though this may be an old idea (I'm a new kid), it's worth
noting that the PGP Web of Trust notion is an attempt to make
explicit the implicit web of trust in human institutions--which some
would say is nothing more than the residue of complacency after the
imposition of a government. [1/2 g] Others, after Reich, would
suggest that absent a clear Mommy or Daddy figure, the mass of people
won't play along. [no g at all] Schism time?