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This is a message for people interested in peer review via the net. I hope
it is of help to you.


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Open Peer Review concept for internet publication.

The Open Peer Review concept uses internet technologies to alleviate
problems with our current peer review system. Basically the proposed system
works by publishing scientific results on the web and appending reviewer's
comments to these web pages. The process is open, meaning that (1) the
reviewer's names are included with their comments and (2) any qualified
scientist can review the scientific web page. The system would be more
formal than newsgroups, but would work differently from current peer
reviewed journals.

By making the process open, we aim to reduce the conflicts of interest
which sometimes occur during peer review. For example, very often it is a
competitor who reviews a manuscript--their personal needs compete directly
with the authors' right to a fair review based on scientific merit.
Sometimes a reviewer rejects a manuscript but then uses concepts from the
manuscript in their own work. Under the new open system, publication of
the manuscript would always proceed. Competitors can still review the
manuscript and make comments in the open format described below.

We are considering adoption of this Open Peer Review System for the World
Journal Club ( We would appreciate
any comments you have on this topic.

The proposed Open Peer Review System:

(1) Scientific merit is not assessed prior to publication. Reviewer's
comments are appended to the publication in a PEER REVIEW section.

(2) To maintain focus, reviewer's comments are restricted to the article or
related literature.

(3) Reviewer's names and contact information are included with their

(4) Any World Journal Club member can review any World Journal Club

(5) Authors can respond to reviewer's comments by rebuttal or by appending
new results to their publication.

If you would like to publish your work under this type of system, please
request an application to join the World Journal Club. If you do not want
to be part of this system, please reply and tell us why. We want to
include all competent scientists, and the Open Review System may be adapted
to meet your concerns.


David W. Bradley, Ph.D.

PS If you do not wish to recieve email on this topic please accept my
apology and let me know so I can remove you from the mailing list.

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