Wet Uploading Organism

Chris Hind (chind@juno.com)
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 02:12:41 -0700

I was considering this thought. The best way to be uploaded is to
genetically engineer an organism that would grow into your brain and destroy
a neuron and map the equivelant connections in a virtual world. This
organism would serve as an interface between brain and machine. After
destroying the neuron, the organism would fill the gap with itself and have
all connections from other neurons be redirected through the interface to
the virtual brain map inside a virtual world inside a computer. Long term
memory would be deleted and recreated and redirected to the computer first
which would make things slightly longer to retrieve while the organism
slowly grew into and took over your brain. This would enable you to grow
into the virtual world to where you could switch between both and then
eventually disconnect all biological senses entirely and live inside this
virtual world. Is this better than cloning yourself inside a machine and
destroying the original biological copy and thus kill off 'you' your
self-aware being for some clone knowing everything you know living inside a
virtual world? Also how difficult would it be to engineer this organism?