Re: objectivists hate libertariens

Peter Voss (
Mon, 23 Sep 1996 20:24:09 -0700

I wrote...
>> Essentially, the argument is that Libertarians are harmful to the ideas of
>> capitalism and individual freedom in that they advocate them while rejecting
>> or ignoring the underlying philosophical foundations: objective reality,
>> knowledge and ethics. They can therefore not logically and morally defend
>> personal and economic freedom, nor do they have the tools to rationally
>> define or resolve political issues.

>I think this is bullshit. I am fairly Libertarian, and I am strongly pro
>capitalism. Maximizing individual freedom has no intrinsic value...

>..What is objective reality? How can I learn anything about it, but through
>my senses, and augmentary senses (gadgets), which translate...

>Knowledge: a bag of tricks. Ethics: cooperation emergence due to
>evolution pressure. Deterministic as hell...

>I dunno... Going for the right goals, but for wrong reasons? What's wrong
>with that? These objectivists are certainly not utilitarists. But they
>are certainly irrational.

You have no clue about Objectivism - I rest my case