Re: Are Conspiracies Stronger Than Truth?

Ira Brodsky (
Mon, 23 Sep 1996 11:56:57 -0600

Ian Goddard wrote:

>IAN: Based on the 100+ witness and radar reports, someone shot the
>plane down with a missile. They must have used a fairly large and
>powerful missile requiring a fairly large ocean vessel to launch it.
>How does the suggestion that the Navy may have fired this missile in
>any way seem equivalent to "anti-gravity experiments"? The suggestion
>that there is such an equivalence, seems to me to be the only thing
>resembling an "anti-gravity experiment."
>Adding to the missile reports the fact that early reports said the
>Navy was conducting maneuvers near the crash, on what factual or logical
>basis have you totally junked the Navy missile theory ? I'd like to know,
>so that I too can discard this theory as you have. I've not seen any
>rational basis stated by the FBI regarding their dismissal of this.

I don't know what brought down TWA Flight 800. It seems unlikely it was a
Navy missile. But what is even more unlikely is that hundreds of people --
starting with the entire crew of a Navy destroyer and extending all the way
up to the President -- would participate in a cover-up.

Are you suggesting the Navy intentionally downed a passenger airliner? Or
are you suggesting one individual pushed the wrong button at the wrong
time, and now hundreds of people in multiple organizations (including
absolutely everyone involved in the investigation) are desperately trying
to conceal the truth?

Sorry, I'm not ready to junk *all other* theories -- especially when this
theory is largely based on information provided by "anonymous" sources.

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