Re: Party line
Thu, 19 Sep 1996 04:40:17 -0400

At 08:56 AM 9/11/96 +0100, Dr. Rich Artym wrote:
>Heh! Have a heart, Max, tell us more, please! Those of us that were
geographically challanged and missed the fun are eagerly .>awaiting your
>"minutes", or the Freeland Newsletter ... (:-)

>>There will be something in the Exponent newsletter, but I'd like someone
other than me to write a summary of the party. Any takers? (Short
perspectives from several people would be fun.)


Here goes

The first thing I saw after climbing up the steep stone stairway( in the
darK) was natasha vita more dancing ( well, i could only see a lot of hair
and a very fit figure sort of thrashing wild yet graceful to the Techno-
Ambient music- but I knew it was her anyway- . There was an enormous redwood
deck with Extropians of many shapes and sizes lounging around on every
imaginable form of suspended chair. There was a hot tub, with ( naked)
Extropians in it and even and outdoor shower ( I was impressed ) - shielded
from everything, studded with oaks and redwood trees and on a hill up above a
ravine, the place called "freeland' was a large and very nicely outfitted two
story house. I lurked, more or less, met some really interesting folks, and
enjoyed the feeling of total freedom and relaxation - and had a great time!
The conversations were laid back - and went on late late into the
night, not too heavy just interesting and social...not a lot of hashing over
stuff- just enjoying each other..... and in the morning there was a great,
food oriented, coffee drenched, 'round the table ' discussion of everything
and nothing ( sound familiar?) followed by a movie called Harrison Bergerac
(spelling?) which was hysterically funny and sad as well...
Rent it if you havent seen it. Cleaning up was the last thing we did
before we drove back to LA - back to the busy lives....

(a side note) Some folks had driven as far as New Orleans, and No Carolina -
i had the pleaseure of having Steve from No. carolina visit us in L.A. for a
few days.. Extropians exist even in the APPALACHIAN HILLS! ( go figure..
those memes spread far and wide, indeed! SO there he is in that backwoods
area, reading Drexler, Vinge, Churchland and Moravec - he was so happy to
have people to finally talk to, can you imagine??.)
I didnt get there til nighttime - so someone else has a different more
complete meta- take on it, i am sure- but it was a great, relaxed, and
flavorful evening, with great libertarian symbolic freedom and a lot of
terrific people altogether....
And once again that Gerome was the perfect host, no kidding....