Re: Innovations: business and academia

tom aagdii (
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 12:19:02 +0200 (MET DST)

Op Tue, 17 Sep 1996, Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko schreef:

> Commercial companies are very good at providing motivation
> for development, finding resources and rewarding contributions
> of ideas and effort - this seems to be a winning combination
> when an idea is relatively simple and can be developed into
> a product by a relatively small group of people in a reasonable
> time frame. When one wants to design a global system that would
> benefit many diverse groups of people in the long run, then open
> social discussion would appear essential.
> Now, what if one tries to develop a business providing services
> with a wide range of implications? Like a new system of knowledge
> distribution on the Net? Is it possible to find an approach that
> would promote business interests (profit, market share, security, PR,
> not scaring away investors and not giving advantage to competition,
> etc.) of the company, and at the same time involve people in
> academia and general public in discussing optimal structure of the
> venture and its product line, writing additional software, choice of
> which parts of the sytem should remain proprietary and which should
> be made open?
> I think this is a generally interesting issue - and it seems to be
> growing in importance as more and more businesses and products become
> parts of the global system. Now I also find myself quite practically
> interested in it, as I am working on development of Automated
> Collaborative Filtering (ACF) systems for Internet.
> I would appreciate any general or practical ideas you may have on
> the subject, or references to any relevant sources.
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hello alexander,

i know almost nothing about business and acadmia, or the global
services that will be bneficial for the whole. first i have to
say that i realy admire the altruistic feeling of the people
of wholsystm-group. and second i would like to mention that
Kirby Urner have introduced the idea of global design using
the intrenet and the latest developement which includes Java
programing language. i feel this idea is realy great, how
is it going to be set, and its total ramification is beyond me.
but it seems that it can be so inclusive to creat even
creative zones for young people to do research and development.
on all kind of level, you might think of it as MIT global
lab(future_connected to wire magazine). i sugest that you
can contact him for some ideas; not precisly what you
are looking for, but there might be some shared ideas.

cheers tagdi

p.s i think there is some spirit of connection in
cross posting.