Re: JP Barlow, democracy and ACF

Ira Brodsky (
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 17:07:15 -0600

> Alexander Chislenko wrote:
>>> > [...]
>>> The term "social engineering" refers not to
>>> enlightened use of technology, but achieving political goals through the
>>> use of force or subterfuge.
>As I recall, `social engineering'(tm) was introduced by Karl Popper
>precisely to distinguish cautious, provisional, targeted change from
>large-scale, ideologically-driven or grandly coercive changes to the
>socio-economic order. Somehow in general conservative usage (at least in
>Australian political discourse, and yours seems in line with that) it has
>got turned around to imply the opposite.

The quote you attributed to Mr. Chislenko was actually from me.

I'm not surprised to hear the term was co-opted, though