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Why don't people like FM-2030 and Marvin Minsky continue to read the list?
Did they disagree with some newly accepted principle or are just too damn
I think people like FM-2030 and Marvin Minsky DO read this list. People with
the prior history of "speaking-their-minds" will comment when they think it
is worth the time. I don't believe these particular people strongly disagree
with some new Extropian principle. I'm sure they have plenty of comments . .
. a book's worth, of comments. Which leads to the time factor. Many
people reading this list, such as the above people, write books and give
lectures. I just sent in the final editing on a book I started July 1994.
Using every available minute, working until 1:30 AM and getting interrupted
too many times. Now I can rest. Not really. I've got another book started.
Which reminds me . . . Sorry I have to go now. (No wonder it took me 2 yeas
to write that book.) :-)


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