Re: Strange Matter as Planetary Warfare

Sarah Marr (
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 09:57:23 +0100

At 12:06 17/09/96 -0700, Anders Sandberg wrote:

>In one of his books (Breakfast of Champions I think, but it's been a
>long time) a new crystaline form of water is made or discovered, which
>is solid at room tempurature. It "freezes" any water that comes in
>contact with it. The world ends.

A long time ago I remember reading a paragraph somewhere which suggested
that crystalline forms of water, which were stable at room temperature, had
_actually_ been formed by subjecting water to truly immense pressures. Does
anybody know any more about this? I've no idea where I read about it, I'm
afraid; probably some dubious pseudo-scientific rag.


Sarah Kathryn Marr