Re: 100% Natural

Chris Hind (
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 10:14:01 -0700

At 23:36 9/12/96 UT, you wrote:
> There is a meme going around now that has infected huge numbers of people.
>The meme is completely irrational, and it is a meme which blocks many
>Extropian and Transhuman memes.
Mrs. Gooches Health franchises are the churches for this meme.

>Poisonous gasses being emmitted in the atmosphere and wiping out
>nearly all living species is a perfectly natural type of event; it happened
>when certain types of life started producing that horrible poison, oxygen as a
>waste product.
I didn't think of this one. True

> And then there's the advertisements for medicines which claim to be 100%
>natural. Yeah, right! Like those pills grew on trees! But the raw
>ingredients came from the natural world, one might argue, so even though it's
>processed beyond all recognition of what it originally was, it's still
I do endorse this idea to a degree because it allows more products such as
herbal products to market because the normal privitized medical area can't
generate enough cash from them to make them profitable to market. Also
slightly varying doses are better than exactly measured amounts because our
bodies were never made for exact amounts because out bodies enjoy a degree
of randomness and change rather than stale static amounts.

>Nature's pharmacy is mostly poison.
I like this quote.

>Does the Second Coming have anything to do with multiple orgasms?
Now this is TRUELY clever. hehe