Re: 100% Natural
Fri, 13 Sep 1996 21:41:27 -0400 (David Musick) writes:

> There is a meme going around now that has infected huge numbers
>of people. The meme is completely irrational, and it is a meme
>which blocks many Extropian and Transhuman memes. The basic
>core of the meme is: "natural things are superior to artificial

(Debunking of said meme deleted).

The creepiest thing about this meme, to me, is the following logic:

Artificial means affected by man; natural means not affected by man. If
natural is necessarily better than artificial, then anything humans do is
harmful (they are affecting things and thereby making them worse), and humans
are necessarily an evil.

It disturbs me greatly that so many people cheerfully accept a meme which
leads to such a conclusion.