Re: Extropian lines ( was party line)
Mon, 9 Sep 1996 16:27:47 -0400

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>party line ?!!!?
>I didn't know that there was an Extropian party line, Comrade Robbins. ;-)

( Max More)
There are many Extropian party lines: at The Extropy is Eight party at
Freeland last month, for instance, there were lines to shower before getting
in the hot tub, lines to use the bathroom, etc.

Daily News clipping: Extopians line up to see the new website! Max, it
is really great! Pretty! Clean! Informative! Lot of work! whew! How did it
get done so fast??????????
Congrats, and a big cheer for all the WONDERFUL art, Sarah that animation is
pretty damn SPIFFY!!

- Nadia
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