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Stephen de Vries (
Mon, 9 Sep 1996 10:50:58 GMT2

On Sun, 8 Sep E. Shaun Russell wrote:

> On 8\9\1996, Tim Robbins wrote:
> >Here's an informal poll? What do you all consider the comfortable
> >carrying capacity of the planet? Not the maximum.
> Comfortably? Maybe one billion. Personally, I think the population
> is a little too big as is, but we could probably sustain another billion
> people while still maintaining comfort. Hopefully us extropians and
> transhumans will be able to convince the rest of the world to colonize other
> planets before we reach the 6.5 billion (uncomfortable) range.

Perhaps a comfortable population is not as desirable as an
uncomfortable one. All you social darwinists out there, might agree
that an overpopulated planet would catapult natural selection into
new survival solutions.

Organisms eat matter and make it a part of themselves. If I
extrapolate this trend, I see a huge blob of silico/organic _living_
matter where once there was an earth.

Stephen de Vries

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