Re: The Joys Of Flesh

Chris Hind (
Sat, 07 Sep 1996 05:37:21 -0700

>If you're an advanced AI or some sort of transcendent being, who could
>choose to take the current human race with you or not, how long would
>you give them to get it together - to end war, suffering, murder, etc.
>Civilization has had about 10K years, I'm not sure I would wait that
>long. Putting the question as an ultimatum - "get it together in a week
>or be destroyed", *might* provide sufficient incentive, but I doubt it.
10k years? yeah right. I don't think they'd last 10 minutes because the
transcendent being would live in superrealtime and 10 minutes to it could be
the equivenant of a millenium.