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Sat, 7 Sep 1996 04:12:55 -0400

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<< The scariest question of all is whether or not numbers can make a
substantial reality. Is virtual reality truly real? If so, what exactly is
the meaning of reality? Can there be a bona fide existance within a
5-cubic-foot encasement? Can there be life within what another man created?
*Should* there be life within what another man created? Can it even be
classified as life?

These are all very hypothetical, anthropological questions, but they
are also very valid. I've never been one to fear progress, but here's
another question: is it progress? Or is it regress?

Hmm.... intersting - not only life/not life - progress/regress - but how
about the question:
Is it some kind of heaven or hell? If we arent really "alive" but continue
out of body this sounds like the traditional ethereal - also known as an
Then I had this really scary scary thought - what if uploading becomes
percieved as a viable, obtainable ( by some?) kind of "TV heaven". This could
be used or abused by some kind of cult ( or government?) and wrong
thinking control freaks dubiously offer it ( or the alternative - VR hell) as
some kind of Nirvana or reward....
"....I am not a number - I am a free man!"