Chris Hind (
Thu, 05 Sep 1996 06:45:55 -0700

>I'm not an expert on the anonymous forwarding service but I noticed that I
>didn't get a message from them until I posted something. In other words,
>each time a message passes through the service, it is probably programmed to
>send a message back to that user informing them that is
>closing down. So, if you've posted 4 times since the service began its
>shutdown, you've probably received 4 messages; if you've posted 10 times
>then maybe you've received 10 messages (although hopefully there is a

Whats worse is that I was on a mailinglist using the penet address and the
mailinglist still tries to mail me the messages. The point that the penet
address is shutdown prevents me from recieving the messages, and instead the
penet address sends me those closing down messages as a replacement for each
real message send by the mailinglist. Not to meantion that the mailinglist I
subscribed to had quite a deal of traffic so I recieve *ALOT* of those
closing down messages everyday. If you couldn't follow what I just said,
forget it it's not that important and I did a pathetic job of explaining it.