Re: Extropian IRC meeting FRI@8PM PST on undernet #extropy

Chris Hind (
Wed, 04 Sep 1996 12:19:07 -0700

At 21:27 9/4/96 -0600, you wrote:
>>At 10:46 9/4/96 EDT, you wrote:
>>>Excellent idea!
>>>We can always use new viewpoints and an open IRC scession should bring
them to
>>>the fore.
>>Alright, How about I meet everyone on undernet on IRC in #extropy this
>>Friday at 8pm PST?
>Displaying my ignorance -- how do I do this?

Thats ok, you're not ignorant. IRC is still one of the yet untamed areas of
the net. To get the latest copy of Mirc which is the IRC software type the
keyword "mirc" into the excite net search website and it will popup a list
and near the top should be "the latest copy of mirc" or something like it.
Pick that website and all instructions to download from multiple sites will
follow. When you download and install the software, when you start it it
will popup a dialog box containing a list of servers. Pick each of the
undernet servers until you login to one. Then it will popup another box
listing a few miscellaneous irc channels. Type #extropy into the box and
press enter. I suggest you try these steps before friday so you get the hang
of it. But instead open #wasteland which is the channel for irc newbies.