MEDIA: TV filming of Extropy Web site: HELP WANTED!

Max More (
Wed, 4 Sep 1996 10:18:37 -0700 (MST)

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[As far as I can tell, this posting of last night never appeared on the
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This evening, Extropy Institute was offered an opportunity to have its Web
site filmed for a show with an expected audience of 5-10 million. The
filming is to take place next Monday.

This is a superb opportunity to introduce Extropian ideas to thousands of
web surfers. The challenge here is that Eric and I have been so absorbed
with other projects that we haven't developed the ExI web site yet. Still,
I'm confident that by Monday a mini-Manhattan project can get one minute of
filmable material online. The text is easy. We have some graphics, which is
important for the filming to produce attractive results. But we really could
do with some more suitable graphics.


We'd really like to show some simple but striking images to get viewers
interested enough (combined with the 2.5 minutes of explaining the ideas) to
check out the site. (The show won't air for several weeks, giving us a
chance to build it up by the time people look at it in detail on the Web.)
Graphics I'd especially like to have for the site:

* A 3-D version of the extropy 5-arrow spiral emblem.

* An animated gif of the spiral logo (whether 3D or not).

Obviously we can use for graphics things like covers of Extropy, images from
Natasha Vita More's site, illustrations from Extropy articles, and we can
show links to other sites covering aspects of extropian ideas and technologies.

If you have other ideas for graphics appropriate to the site, and the means
to implement them, please contact me asap. The latest we could add graphical
contributions to the site would be this Sunday. Earlier than that would make
it easier to integrate them with whatever else we put together. Of course,
you will be credited for graphical contributions.

If you have graphics on your personal web site of any kind that might
appropriate, we would be delighted to have use of them. This will benefit
your site too, since if you have appropriate material, the ExI site will
have links to your site by the time the TV viewers see the show.

Time is tight. The opportunity to spread Extropian ideas wider is here.
Please help if you can.

Thank you,


Max More, Ph.D.
President Extropy Institute (ExI)
Editor Extropy