Re: Physical Improvements

Chris Hind (
Tue, 03 Sep 1996 00:32:32 -0700

A while back Anders meantioned his web page with physical improvements. And
this was from his post relating to it.

>"Youthful idealism" might be partially hormonal, a way to make young males
>restless and leave the tribe to found new tribes. This apparently declines
>in most people as they age and become settled, but it might be possible to
>extend it (an idealism supplement?), which would probably be very healthy to
>do from time to time to prevent mental aging.
Is there any hormones that we know of that control this? or any ideas? Is
there something psychological that can stop us from becoming settled. The
elders of this newsgroup must have something different about them that the
rest of the world settles while they keep marching ahead into new undefined
unexplored territory.