Omega Point Theories Are Depressing

Chris Hind (
Mon, 02 Sep 1996 11:36:12 -0700

I dunno about you Anders, but my opinion is that Omega Point theories are
depressing from what I was reading on your page about Tipler's idea that our
mental processes can speed up to the point where the last seconds of the
collapse of the universe can seem like an eternity. It just seems kinda
depressing that it all *EVENTUALLY* would end. At least if we have uploading
by 2030 we could already speed up our mental processes while the universe is
expanding (not contracting) and the year after that could be equal to a
million which gives us *PLENTY* of time to figure out FTL (faster than
light) travel. Also how do we know we're not some type of product from a
long-term von newman system made just so that we can evolve to fit the
planet instead of engineering the planet to fit whoever sent out the von
newman probe. I must agree though anders, I keep finding mind-opening ideas
on that website of yours! Keep up the good work! Holy Spirit = Universal
Wave Function (hehe) :)