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>In a message dated 96-09-01 23:24:03 Rich, wrote:
>>[Natasha wrote:]
>>>If you want an ideology that meets your own requirements exactly, I'm
>>>afraid you're going to have to develop it yourself, Natasha! (:-)
>IMO you are the only one who seems to want an ideology that meets only
>your own requirements, Rich!! Your own *subjective* requirements.

That would seem a most unlikely generalization, even if we didn't have
evidence to the contrary. As it happens, we *do* have evidence to the
contrary, because on the >H list we saw much support expressed for the
notion that we were there, bouncing ideas off each other, as part of a
personal search for understanding the world, and that through this
wonderful exchange of ideas we were developing our personal worldviews
or ideologies. Perhaps a proportion of list members are content to go
with an unmodified collective worldview, but in a >H community of such
strong individualists I rather doubt that it would be a high proportion.
More likely we all accept the basic ideas of TH but tailor them to suit
our very individual personal makeup. That certainly expresses my own
approach exactly.

As for it all being *subjective*, you bet it is!!!

In message <>, Natasha V. More writes:

> >>Gee thanks Rich! But, no, I don't have to develop an new ideology, I am
> >>already a Transhuman Extropian. And, I'm quite happy with that now. I can,
> >>however, develop _myself_ and this action brings me great joy. I'm
> >>automorphing my individual freedom.

Good for you! Ever forward and onward!

> (Pssst ... I think Rich was just having fun with me (:-).)

Yes indeed, hence the smiley. All the best!


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