E. Shaun Russell (
Mon, 2 Sep 1996 15:26:13 -0700 (PDT)

On 02/09/96 -0600, Ira Brodsky wrote:

>My solution is to disallow copyright laws in cyberspace, but maintain them
>in realspace.

If this were to happen, potential criminals could get the message
that it's okay to steal rights from another person on the net, but it's not
okay to steal off the net. What exactly is the difference between on and
off the net? Stealing is stealing. If I, E. Shaun Russell, am going to
post a poem somewhere, I like to know that potential criminals may be
deterred by the law. Whether or not the law is widely enforced is of little
If someone reads 'the author requests that you contact him before you take a
copy', then the average person would probably do so. If there is nothing on
the page that identifies the author's requests, they may accidentally be
broken. Hence, the copyright law. The fact that the law is in place can't
hurt anyone.

E. Shaun Russell