Stephen de Vries (
Mon, 2 Sep 1996 14:34:00 GMT2

On Sun, 01 Sep Chris Hind wrote:

> Should we abolish the copyright law? If we say no it is against the anarchy
> we believe in. The copyright law is mucho dificil (very difficult) to
> enforce since it is broken millions of times a day quickly and easily. So
> are we going to side with Wired magazine believing all information is free

Information is not free. Energy is invested to create new
information, it follows that information like energy can be bought
and sold. You would offend a lot of authors by telling them, their
work has no value and should be duplicated without compensation.
Unless authors and other creators of information receive
substantial once off payement for their work, after which it can be

> or or we going to side with the scientologists who wish to strictly enforce
> the copyright law even though it is unlikely maybe even impossible.

It is a problem to enforce the copyright laws, but that doesn`t
automatically mean that they should be abolished.

Stephen de Vries

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