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Subject: Re: Pheromones and the VNO

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>>It seems to me that pheromones could be influenced by diet. Should
>>a female prefer a male who has a behavioral trait of eating food
>>that is different from her own preference. Ron Blue

> The end result of this rambling is that the answer to your question
>is a resounding maybe, maybe not. To my knowledge there has never
>been a study of inter species food preferences and its influence on
>mating habits.

In contrast, studies have shown a link between consciously perceived
male T-shirt odors and the preference of women (who are not taking oral
contraceptives) for the odors of men who are most genetically diverse.

Given proposed correlates between steroid hormone metabolism and one's
pheromone signature, it appears that there may be
genetic-hormonal-pheromonal correlates to differences in human mate
choice. As Brad implied, it is less likely that dietary influences on
consciously perceived odor differences will be correlated with mate

Jim Kohl