Re: A Race of humanoid drones for labor.

Chris Hind (
Sun, 01 Sep 1996 10:24:19 -0700

>Not because of any objective sense of fairness, or
>bleeding-heartdom, but because it's objectively stupid to assume that
>a huge segment of the population will quietly become obsolete.
True. I'm not saying a huge segment will become obsolete. They'll only find
short-lived niche jobs lacking a steady paycheck forcing them to endlessly
look for work, going from job to job to job. The rest will become homeless
but most will go the information/research career route and the niche jobs
will hopefully be only for the fringe.

>} 21st century. You will see alot of people getting REALLY smart REALLY fast
>And if they don't worry about the people not adapting, someone's going
>to be REALLY dead. I can't say which side it will be, of course.
Let them eat cake. :) No, there would be a rebellion so we must develop
memes to cram more info into the shallow minded. How about a Stacker meme to
run on the brain and compress information? :) Here is an idea. We should
list all the things (ie. trances) you can do by concentration and thinking
as well as techniques that make memes highly contageous (sp?) and then
create a meme such as the Gaia theory with an extropian twist to spread
extropianism like a religion across the globe. Could work!