Re: >H Dynamic Individual Freedom
Mon, 2 Sep 1996 00:17:59 -0400

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>If you want an ideology that meets your own requirements exactly, I'm
>afraid you're going to have to develop it yourself, Natasha! (:-)

IMO you are the only one who seems to want an ideology that meets only
your own requirements, Rich!! Your own *subjective* requirements.

>> Gee thanks Rich! But, no, I don't have to develop an new ideology, I am
already a Transhuman Extropian. And, I'm quite happy with that now. I can,
however, develop _myself_ and this action brings me great joy. I'm
automorphing my individual freedom.

Second that, I develope myself, and you develope yourself, self
authoring, not ignoring, or denying, but overcoming limits.
Automorphing, the art form!I thank you for the word Natasha, I have been
meaning to ask you, did you coin it yourself? I love it.