is closed!

Max More (
Sun, 1 Sep 1996 15:21:53 -0700 (MST)

Some fans of anonymous remailers here might be interested in this:

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>Date: Sun, 1 Sep 96 17:51:43 +0300
>Subject: is closed!
>Due to both the ever-increasing workload and the current uncertain legal
>status of the privacy of e-mail in Finland, I have now closed down this
>service until further notice. For now, you can still mail NON-ANONYMOUSLY
>to existing users using the
>address convention, so that you might establish another way to communicate
>with people you only know by their address, but news postings
>and anonymous mail is not supported.
>To use the non-anonymous forwarding service, you have to modify the anon
>address by swapping the first two letters (an to na, standing for Not
>Anonymous), so that becomes
>But remember that your address will *not* be removed - this method is only
>intended as a stop-gap to enable you to establish another way of communicating
>with the people you only know by their addresses.
>If you feel that the service has been valuable, you can send a letter of
>support to, and likewise, if you feel it is a good
>thing the remailer has gone off the air, you can use the address
> to outline your reasons. As people always ask me
>why anyone would need a service such as, I am collecting
>case stories at
>I have now maintained this service for over 3 years, and as there have
>appeared a number of other similar, reliable and well maintained servers,
>I feel we have reached a situation where the current
>server can be retired. Thank you for a very interesting time on the net!
> Julf
>P.S.: More info and the full press release on