Re: The Great Squirrel

Chris Hind (
Sat, 31 Aug 1996 05:57:57 -0700

>> What? Socialism? Environmentalism & Animal Rights?
>> (Chris looks up the road ahead and sees squirrel)
>> (Chris floors the pedal smearing squirrel across the road)
>> (Squirrel is ROADKILL)
>> (Chris steps out of car, walks over and urinates on the carcass)
>> (Chris says Damn squirrels... that'll teach 'em not to play in my road)
>> Note: Sorry I just HAD to do this.
>Chris, look out - that is at least a nanotechnological squirrel.. it has
>probably by now placed some playful grey goo in your pants, and is
>rebuilding itself out of the asphalt. It might even replicate, turning
>the entire highway into a sea of environmentalist squirrels... :-)

No!! Not a sea of environmentalist squirrels!! :)