Re: The Great Squirrel

Sunah Cherwin (
Sat, 31 Aug 1996 09:31:45 -0800

> "Jay Reynolds Freeman" is the name the Squirrel was given by his
>parents. He is the "First Extropian Squirrel" by virtue of a
>discussion several years ago in which he was a staunch advocate of
>environmentalism and animal rights.
> The Squirrel introduced himself as a download from the high
>transcend, here associating with beings with mere Jupiter-sized brains
>out of a perverse interest in slumming.
> Many list members no doubt find the Squirrel's real name
>bothersome, for his favorite economic system is socialism, he prefers
>a strong central government, and he regards libertarianism and
>anarcho-capitalism as ludicrous. He reads the list out of an interest
>in the science and technology, and is usually polite enough to avoid
>its discussions of political economy. His .sig files have upon
>occasion been controversial.
The Squirrel spells 'controversial' properly. That's nice. The squirrel is
either pulling somebody's leg or is an element of diversity. That's nice.
Nuts to you, Mr. Squirrel (in a nice way)

--Little Suzy