TH Extropians and TH Artists Alert

Natasha V. More (
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 13:10:06 -0700 (MST)


The "Transhumanist Art" Web site will list artists with links to their sits,
as well as a virtual gallery for images, essays, poems, etc.

Please send me (privately):

1. Your Name
2. Short Bio
3. Medium (or non-medium)
4. Links to your site, if you have one
5. jpegs or gif files (one per person)
6. Essays - one please (at least for now)
7. Poem - your favorite (at least for now)

Thank you for your contributions!

If you aren't an "artist", but have creative ideas and would like to
contribute, please do! My definition of artist is kind of a "creative
individual" -- so, scientists are welcome too.

Also: For the TH List: I'd like the consent of Damien, QueenMuse, Peter,
Rich, Robin, Katheryn, Anders and anyone else who participated in the Arts &
Sciences thread to use some of the material. It is wonderful to read and
has a theatrical flare to it! (Like a Woody Allen script.) I'd love to hear
from you.

For the Extropian List: Any contributions re art and science welcome.

Thank you.

Natasha Vita More
(f/k/a Nancie Clark)
"The best defense is an artful offense."