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Fri, 30 Aug 1996 12:44:35 GMT2

On Thu 29 Aug QueeneMUSE wrote:

> Ah yes, the programmers ( as well as the programmed AI's) motivations could
> be really useful or highly destructive! A theme for a many well loved horror
> tale, indeed! ..or a solution to much strife on our world.
> Re: Values : I am curious - we talk about the AI's replacing, destroying
> or overcoming humans or >H's: Realistically - what would AI's "needs" be?

If they were programmed to evolve in an open ended system, there need
would be to exist. Furthering this need, they would probably need to
reproduce/grow and mutate.

> Would it have needs? - or more precisely would they precieve the concept of
> needs as we do, not being subject to the fight or flight domain we have to
> negotiate?

They may very well be subject to the fight or flight reactions
similar to ours. Watching an AI grow will give us a huge insight
into the possible paths evolution can take. They may even develop
emotions, if these are beneficial to their survival.

> We need food,nurturing,clothing,shelter,etc.. What AI conditions
> correspond to that?

Food - Disk space, memory space.
Clothing - who needs it ?
shelter - firewalls, security systems.

> If we (thru mimicry of intelligence as we know it)
> create them as similar to primate intelligence, then (?) reproduction
> /expansion- but if NN intelligences program themselves, how could we predict
> what the agenda will be?As Max says here - they could exert massive power. Do
> we assume they would inherently take our values and expand or pervert them -
> an allegiance to their "creators"? Some how I don't see that, as inviting as
> it sounds.

The best option is to have as little control possible over their
evolution. It would be a mistake to use homo-centric thinking and
try and force them to adopt our evolutionary path.

> Even if they could "use" us for manual labor- and what would we produce for
> them?

Entertainment ;-)

> In essence, what would they want to destroy us *for*?
Comparatively > aesthetic messiness?

They would only destroy us if we threaten their survival by
inhibiting their growth/reproduction.

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