Russell Whitaker (
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 00:20:53 -0700 (PDT)

> PS
> It may be none of my business, and I dont know if it was your intent, but in
> light of all the unfair slander and abuse Max has taken lately ( in my
> opinion from people who are jealous or massively uninformed) this could be
> read as yet another, not so nice, not very well veiled - jab.

Nothing of the sort! I'm neither jealous nor uninformed. I'm informed
enough to continue as a board member of ExI, even. None of this is directed
at Max; I though that was clear. I simply take issue with those whose
first impulse in such situations is to call on someone else to do the
work of representation for them. This was directed at Chris, not Max.

"Here the ways of men part: if you wish to strive for peace of
soul and pleasure, then believe; if you wish to be a devotee
to truth, then inquire..." - Nietzsche

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