Re: AI at all costs. (Was thinking about the future)

Stephen de Vries (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 11:11:39 GMT2

On Tue, 27 E. Shaun Russell wrote:
> At 14:09 27/08/96 GMT2, Stephen de Vries wrote:
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> >But I digress, the argument between the two groups is routed in the
> >identification of "I".
> >
> ><Beware, amature metaphysics follows>
> >"I" am not as small as my body + brain + mind, the only thing that is
> >in essence me, is the "life force" which permeates all that is alive.
> >NOTE: "Life force" is my metaphor, please feel free to customize it
> >to your personnal imagery. BTW some call it 2.67, which is a
> >critical ratio betwean order and chaos in A-life experiments.
> >
> >The life force is all that I can recognize to be at the center of
> >"me", so my loyalty lies with it, not my current body, mind or
> >thoughts.
> Excellent point. In this case, the sum is greater than the whole of its
> parts. Although we know that conciousness is 'merely' made up of many
> chemicals and substances, something must be said for every concious move we
> make. The fact that I know that I am I and not a just a bunch of chemicals
> proves that in this case, the sum is greater. 1010010101101001010101?
> Frankly, I know that I am more than that.

Consciousness is made of chemicals and substances the same way that a
painting is made of paint. The paint is important, but the careful
distribution of the paint makes a great painting. You will be more
than 101010101010001001 if it is arranged in a life giving way.

Stephen de Vries

"Some will fall in love with life and drink it from a fountain
that is falling like an avalanche coming down a mountain"
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