Re: AI at all costs. (Was thinking about the future)

E. Shaun Russell (
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 13:26:32 -0700 (PDT)

At 14:09 27/08/96 GMT2, Stephen de Vries wrote:

>But I digress, the argument between the two groups is routed in the
>identification of "I".
><Beware, amature metaphysics follows>
>"I" am not as small as my body + brain + mind, the only thing that is
>in essence me, is the "life force" which permeates all that is alive.
>NOTE: "Life force" is my metaphor, please feel free to customize it
>to your personnal imagery. BTW some call it 2.67, which is a
>critical ratio betwean order and chaos in A-life experiments.
>The life force is all that I can recognize to be at the center of
>"me", so my loyalty lies with it, not my current body, mind or

Excellent point. In this case, the sum is greater than the whole of its
parts. Although we know that conciousness is 'merely' made up of many
chemicals and substances, something must be said for every concious move we
make. The fact that I know that I am I and not a just a bunch of chemicals
proves that in this case, the sum is greater. 1010010101101001010101?
Frankly, I know that I am more than that.

E. Shaun