Re: Controlling AI (was: Thinking about the future...)

Sean Hastings (
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 13:07:48 -0700

Max More wrote:

>Of course I'm not
>particularly interested in living on through my genes (although I'd take
>that option if it were the *only* one). While I want my memes, or some o=
>them, or those that survive critical testing, to live on, I'm vastly mor=
>interested in *me* living on.=20

>I am not my memes. I have ideas, as well as memories, dispositions, valu=
>and so on, but it's *me* -- the active, choosing being that I want to
>survive and flourish, not primarily some ideas that I have.

You=92re not a closet dualist are you Max? I don=92t see how you can be
having read your Ph.D. philosophy dissertation on personal identity.
If not, then what is this *me* but a self referential memetic label
to a selected set of information on both the genetic and memetic levels?

I like Anders=92 analogy that my current memetic structure might someday
the =93brain stem=94 of an SI. I find it far more comforting than the ide=
that my
memetic structure will simply be data to which an SI has access. Both
represent immortality if all the info. is there, the first option just
more like *me* living.

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