Extropians list archives (was transhuman sex)

Max More (maxmore@primenet.com)
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 14:11:09 -0700 (MST)

At 04:04 PM 8/23/96 +0200, Eugene Leitl wrote:
>> [...]
>> >>I am quite astonished as to the low percentile transhumanist technology
>> discussion scores in the extropians mailing list. I know these things are
>> highly nonlinear in time, yet it still unsettles me somewhat...

The topics of conversation vary considerably over time. Sometimes there's a
focus on physics, or neuroscience, or computers, or genetics, other times
it's more on philosophical or cultural issues.

>> If discussion of issues untechnical unsettles you, you could make a special,
>It doesn't unsettle me, only the complete absence of technically flavoured
>discussions does. It is a real pity the extropians policy keeps us from
>creating/accessing the former extropy archives. I think (no, I know) there
>is excellent technical material to be found there.

Which reminds me: There was some talk about one person or a group
coordinating the collection of former posts and getting permissions. I'd be
delighted to see this happen. Who had suggested or volunteered for this? I
have almost all the archives if someone wants to start going through them
for good posts and to contact writers to permission to make them available.

>If we'd had 10k full-scale contributors, then this may be an option. As
>for now, this would mean splitting forces. I even think the simultaneous
>existance of the extropians and the transhuman mailing list to be
>overkill, though the amount of noise in extropians ML is higher (hint,

Funny, it's always seemed to me that the signal to noise ratio is much
better on the Extropians list. Far fewer nasty fights here, and less time
spent on clueing people in. There's zero chance that the Extropians list
will quit to give the Transhuman list a monopoly on discussion of these topics.

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