Re: Host - an extropian novel

Sarah Marr (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 10:57:13 +0100

At 22:43 22/08/96 -0700, Max More wrote:
>Actually I'm not sure it's an extropian novel yet...

I'm copying a post I sent to the >H list, since it seems equally applicable
to this list. (Max, I'll 'steal' your short review for this purpose, if you
don't mind.)


At 12:02 16/08/96 +0200, Anders Sandberg wrote:

>I want each of us to think over our vision of
>transhumanism, and then start some practical work to further it
>(cooperation is of course encouraged!).

OK, then. I'd like to take this in the context of recent discussions about
people discussing subjects about which they 'know' very little, and suggest
the following.

Just as Darren Reynolds is putting together a list of areas of expertise of
people on this list and elsewhere, I'd like to put together a comprehensive
transhuman reading list, but one covering a very broad range of areas:
neuroscience, life extension, philosophy, economics, social sciences,
genetics, fiction, etc.

But to do this, I'll need the help of everyone on the list. For each
submission I'll need:

- the name of the book
- the author
- the publisher (if known)
- a short description of the book, which should say:
- what it's about
- whether it's any good (yeah, that's subjective but I'm happy to
accept more than one description per book)
- what sort of level it's pitched at (no prior knowledge, basic
working knowledge, expert, etc.)
- _one_ major category: neuroscience, genetics, electronics, economics, etc.
- applicable minor categories

Details of the book will be placed in the major category. The title of the
book and its author will be placed in the minor categories, with appropriate
links back to the major category entry.

The list will be ordered by category, then by author.

Each entry will also contain the name of the person submitting that entry:
so send me your URL if you want a dynamic link to your home page.

If the suggested reading is on-line (e.g. 'Engines of Creation'), then you
should also send me the URL.

If you wish to post a longer, more detailed review then I'll set up a
separate web page for that particular book.

I imagine the categories will build up as we go along. If I make a decision
to place a book in an existing category, rather than place it in a suggested
new one, I'll let you know I have done so, to give you a chance to object.

I'm also aware that many of you already have lists of books on your pages.
If you send me the URL for those lists, along with a brief description, I'll
put them in a separate section of links on the book page. Alternatively, if
you want your text incorporated into the main body of the list, I'll be
happy to do that.

If you think it's a good idea then mail me at the address at the bottom of
the page. (If not, don't :-)

I would hope that, rather than just form from a flurry of activity now (but
please, feel free to flurry), the list will continue to build as we increase
our knowledge.


Sarah Kathryn Marr