Lets Move HotWired Thread to alt.extropians

Chris Hind (bholat@earthlink.net)
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 00:23:41 -0700

Now that we can see that discussion of extropian principles works in a
public forum why not move the action to alt.extropians? It appears that they
shut down the thread on hotwired. Sure alt.extropians may have spammers and
trollers but we can fight them off and even use them as memetic examples. I
knew for the longest time that if we would let people discuss this publicly
rather than isolated on a mailinglist that it would be a successful subject.
Finally Proof!! :)
So lets convince hotwired to put up one last post to notify users that the
discussion is to be continued on alt.extropians. The public exploitation of
extropian principles should be used to spread the memes due to it being a
VERY SUCCESSFUL strategy which has been used quite successfully by the great
religions of the world as "Witnessing" but extropians aren't NEARLY as
annoying and allow people to come to them rather then them coming to the
people. If we study memes and copy their replication patterns and methods,
with the rationality and logic extropians profess, we may under 5 years
annihalate religion from the face of the planet!! I have also seen great
interest in the IRC channels expecially among the technically-minded.