Re: The Extropian Principles
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 18:03:58 -0400

In a message dated 96-08-21 16:06:19 EDT, Eric( i think) wrote:

> Sex is just one of those difficult issues: no matter what stance you
> adopt toward it, you're sure to offend someone.

In that case, we should be busy developing new memes rapidly as possible -
but honestly has anyone here ever gotten offended by discussing sex? I can't
imagine that is really true. Raise your hand if you find tallking about it

I observe that, like emotions, people will tend to view Sex as noncognitive,
or "not an issue" with brain developement ( strange because most primates I
know spend a high perecentage of their brain energy trying to find it or
thinking about it) - A friend of mine returned from a week long conference on
consciousness and cognition and I asked about the topic, what people said
about sex and what the latest developements were in this arena - I laughed
as it dawned on us that there was not one lecture or booth or comment on it -
apparently this function of the brain is to "low brow" to explore! It was
deleted(or avoided) by the whole contingency. Same with most intellectual
forums including this list- since i have been on board - til lately. I had
seen PLEASURE 101 on the mail list and mistaken it for a thread on >H memes
about sex.. but when i opened the files- it was endless equations about A
not A! What a surprise! math equating >H pleasure - now *that* is integrity
to higher functions of mind/brain. haha !

Sarah had some really interesting ( but not too racey) views on >H
sexuality but then we dropped the thread! But cheers to her for doing it!
Oh well - guess it's one of those "primate functions " of the body - and we
will evolve out of it anyway -
Hmm - I hope not! : (

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