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On Aug 20, 11:48pm, Max More wrote this (quoted with ">"):
> Subject: Re: The Extropian Principles

> >At 8:48 PM 8/19/96, wrote:
> >>
> >>LI = limitless improvement
> >
> >I do prefer the phrase "limitless improvement" to the phrase "boundless
> >improvement", but I'm a bit wary of the proposed mnemonic.
> I'm also wary of the mnemonic. It makes you think too much about something
> hardly central to the principles.

Eric and Max:
Knowing Tom, I'm sure he meant it tongue-in-cheek when he said it, and
I seconded it in similar humour.

> >I'm wary of this particular mnemonic because extropians are already being
> >accused of being sex maniacs in other forums.
> Or else of hating sex and anything physical!

Eric: in which forums are extropians being accused of such unspeakable

> >I don't care for "boundless evolution" at all, because I think it's
> >important to keep the biologists, who realize that "evolution" is a
> >value-neutral term.

I've seen "Evolution" reified by at least one person on this list, and
I agree with this. It's not "a constituency thang", however: "keeping
the biologists" sounds almost political.


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