Politics vs. Extropianism

Ian Goddard (igoddard@erols.com)
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 03:51:50 -0400

At 09:59 PM 8/20/96 -0700, Eric Watt Forste wrote:

> Surely the members of the conspiracy are capable of studying economics
> and social epistemology and figuring out that free societies are vastly
> more productive than slave societies.

IAN: Thus the political planners and elite must be pushing for lower
taxes, less regulation, and more individual liberty on all fronts. I
only wish I could agree. In fact, they are pushing for higher taxes,
more regulations, and less liberty on all fronts.

> For their own selfish ends, the members of the conspiracy would be better
> served by changing their ways than they would be by attempting to enslave
> the planet.

IAN: True, but free people can more easily resist and compete with
the central planning elite. We can't have that. If you told a king,
tyrant or dictator that he would be better off if he relaxed his
control over his subjects, he'd laugh in your face before he
sent you off to the rack.

> And even if the governing elite is too lazy and stupid to study economics
> and social epistemology, surely they make a practice of hiring expert
> researchers, and some of the researchers they hire are informing them
> of these facts.

IAN: You'd figure the lessons of the last century would have to
teach them something. The point is it's a matter of being over
other people. Control itself is the goal for political types.

> In short, to hold up your argument, you need to show that it is in the
> interests of the governing elite to enslave the population of the world.

IAN: No -- to hold up the argument one need only show that they are
working overtime to reduce freedoms. They are... any questions ?

Those who seek total power are willing to sacrifice material wealth in
the form of new consumer technologies, medicine, ideas, etc., for the
goal of social domination. It's a trade off their willing to make,
even *if* they realize that the one must exclude the other.

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