Re: extropians-digest V1 #27

Max More (
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 11:39:52 -0700 (MST)

At 02:06 PM 8/20/96 -0400, Douglas Houts wrote:
>At 02:02 AM 8/20/96 -0600, David Musick wrote:
>>We're just letting you know what's coming. If or how you deal with it
>>is up to you. You can keep your limitations, if you wish, but ultimately,
>>they will cost you your existence.
>Please don't take this personally, but I think that statements like this
>(especially the last sentence, which sounds _very_ threatening) are
>counterproductive; they will most likely offend, scare, and further
>polarize the 'luddites and conservatives' against us. While some of these
>people are probably beyond reconsidering their views, some of them might
>change or moderate their views if they are tactfully interacted with.

I agree with you Douglas. I know what David was saying and I understand and
appreciate it, but the way he said it will certainly cause mental barriers
to go up. I checked the HotWired threads (up to a record 90 now) this
morning and saw exactly the kinds of reactions you could predict. The
frustrating "cult" accusation has popped up again. I'll compose a response
to it this afternoon.

Again, I encourage Extropians List subscribers to get involved with the
discussion on Threads. On Friday at 11am pst you can also join Paulina and
myself for a live discussion/debate.

Upward and Outward!


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