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Max More questioned:

>>Does anyone know of any studies (preferably with good methodology) analyzing
>>possible psychological differences between persons born the traditional way
>>vs. those born by Caesarian section?
>>The NDE experience of travelling down a tunnel into the light suggests the
>>possibility of a replaying of the birth experience. One way to investigate
>>this would be to see if all people having such an NDE were born the typical
>>way. If so, we'd have a nice explanation of the basic near death experience.

IAN: Resulting from meditational practices, I've had the white light
experience on several occasions. I was also born C section. I never
saw a tunnel. Keep in mind that people have "seen the light" long
before C-births, which is not say there is no connection.

The while light experience is profound beyond words. More meaningful
and glorious and anything else. It is like absolute 100% ecstasy
filling every inch of all space and time. It is often accompanied
by heavy crying, but crying in ecstacy; very strange because crying
is usually associated with pain.

I carefully observe and try to explain the nature of all I experience.
Recently I made what may be an important observation regarding the white
light experience: you may observe that as you are falling asleep there
are amorphous cloud-like patterns that swim around before your eyes, often
following a repeating pattern. If you've ever had a lucid dream you'll
notice that it is the "stuff" that these "clouds" are made of -- millions
of very small luminous particles -- that will suddenly "crystallize" into
the life-like structures that compose the objects that inhabit dreams.
Seeing this happen is quite wondrous; truly the brain is amazing.

Well, what I observed is that the "white light" is composed of these
luminous dream particles; yet, unlike pre-dreaming and dreaming, they
fill every portion of one's vision with maximum and uniform luminosity.
I've observed this quite clearly, seeing the transition from none, to
many of the particles to their filling all vision -- with eyes closed.

Obviously this suggests a biological, as opposed to "spiritual" (whatever
that is) basis of the experience. However, how do we say that biological
is not also this called "spiritual" ? What is, is what is.

I believe that these particles of light are directly associated with
neurotransmitters and that the white light is a neurotransmitter overload,
or 100% maximum neurotransmitter cascade. I also suspect that the white
light may happen when/if the synaptic gap is closed.

I share my observations because I think they might contain important
facts about the brain, the white light experience, consciousness,
and reality.

Hara Ra wrote:

> The NDE itself is just another meme, burdened with the overwhelming
> experince of its being the ultimate reality. Those without experience
> of rational thinking will tend to accept this without quesion, and
> once this meme is imprinted, little can be done about it.

IAN: The fact that the white light experience is derived from the brain
does not mean knowledge derived from the experience is false. In fact,
assuming such would mean that all knowledge, being a derivative of
neurological activity, is false. Furthermore, it is possible that
in a neurotransmitter cascade, IQ reachs its maximum.

How can we know if the "wisdom of the light" is true? Simple: if it
is consistent with physical evidence and logical inference.

Physical phenomena and logic dictate that the knowledge gained during
the white light experience -- that all things are unitary -- is valid.

How so ?

Every identity and every attribute of every identity is relative and
complimentary. Thing A implies not-A, as not-A implies A. There could
be no A free from not-A. A and not-A are conceptually and physically

IF: X is a part of A, if X is necessary for the existence of A,
THEN not-A, being necessary for A, is a part of A.

IF not-A is a part of A,
IF A is a part of not-A,
THEN both A and not-A have the same parts.

IF x has the same parts as y,
THEN x = y
ERGO A = not-A.

That is the "wisdom of the light." All things are unified absolutely.

Also: the external space around a particle is a necessary feature of the
identity / existence of that particle. Thus the space around a particle
is a part of the particle. As this is true for every particle, it follows
that every particle contains every other particle across all space-time.

Unless one can describe or show an example of a nonrelationally dependent
thing / concept / identity, there is no basis in logic or fact to suggest
that the knowledge gained in the white light experience is false. The
"wisdom of the light" passes the most rigid standard of scientific
verification -- total consistency with physical fact and logical

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