All Your Eggs in 1 Basket

Chris Hind (
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 09:10:08 -0700

Why is this mailinglist SOOOOO focused on uploading? There are *MANY* other
extropian subjects but uploading seems to get most of the attention. What if
perhaps uploading fails? We should have a whole set of other methods we can
use to back it up just in case. Numero uno rule: Always have a plan B, C, D,
etc. For example, what about studying those children who suffer from rapid
aging to learn if the genes altered in these children control the rate of
aging and how we can change these in ourselves to counter the effects of
aging and potentially extend our lives hundreds of years. We should focus on
topics such as these as well so that if uploading fails to become a reality
we will still have an immediate backup we can fall back upon without having
to start discussion all over again for a different process.