Re: FITNESS/MEDIA: Max's Aug 96 "Muscle & Fitness" article

Derek Ryan (
Fri, 16 Aug 96 19:52:02

Russell Whitaker writes:

> I should have mentioned this earlier, but last month's
> *Muscle & Fitness* magazine published an article by Max More,
> "Zero In: Seven Keys For Pushing Beyond Your Limits", pp 82-84, 203.
> It's the most recent copy with Cory Everson on the cover.
> (I say "most recent" because Cory seems to be on the cover
> 1/3 of most issues.)

Max told me this article was coming out, and so I picked up an issue
as soon as I saw it. I was very impressed. For one thing, there
is a picture (!) of Max on the "Up Front" editorial page, and it's a
great picture. One thing in particular I noticed was that Max's pose
clearly (conveniently? cleverly?) features a stainless steel wrist
bracelet (his Alcor bracelet).

I have been reading Muscle & Fitness since Max turned me onto it a
couple of years ago (it really is a good magazine), and so I was
quite proud to see an article by him and a picture of him appear
there. But I was overjoyed to see the cryonics bracelet sneak into
the *editorial* page of the magazine. How about it Max? Are you
being as clever as I suspect here? Secretly preparing the rest of
the world for the future, even at the level of sneaking symbols of
immortality into the subconsciouses of unsuspecting readers?

I know some will say that I'm making too big a deal out of this, and
perhaps it's only important to me. But I just thought it was one of
the coolest things I'd seen in a long time.

> Good article, discussing the "inner game" of body sculpting.
> Any other extropian bodybuilders out there, by the way?

Well, my body ain't built yet, but I aspire to it, definitely. The
battle for me is against evolutionarily enhanced genes which scream
SAVE UP FOR THE FAMINE!! (Meaning, store all the fat possible.) But
I am optimistic, and lifting weights has definitely enhanced my life
in many ways, even if not yet via total conquest and control of my
body composition.

Derek Strong