Re: Individual Freedoms

Hara Ra (
Sat, 17 Aug 1996 11:59:09 -0700

Natasha Vita More:
>Has anyone recently on this list explored the concepts of individual
>freedoms from the perspective of individual freedom being unlimited?
>How do Extropians view individual freedom and do Extropians think that
>"unlimited" is an incorrect or unnecessary or redundant word to use in the
>phrase. Would "maximum" be better?
I see freedom as the ability to choose among alternatives without limitations
imposed by irrationality. However, making choices involves enduring
and many of these consequences are not easily estimated. The antidote to
undesired unexpected consequences is making further choices. This is a dynamic
process, well captured in the term "surfing".

The term "maximum" is poorly defined, like other words, such as "God". I presume
you mean something like best match between consequences and desire. This also
changes a lot. When I drive a car on a mountain road, my car is always tending
to leave the road, which I always correct. Hence "feedback".

Might I suggest the word "best", as in our beloved slogan.....

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